MASKED was founded out of concern of the shortage of face masks during the COVID19 pandemic. 

Our founder is Marie-fréderique Opsomer, also referred to as 'MF'. She studied Fashion Business at Istituto Marangoni in London. After her studies, she decided to take a little break from the fashion world to go and work in the incredibly versatile world of festivals and concert touring, where her main job was being Stage Manager, Stage hand and Artist Carer. 

As the Events Industry was one of the first markets to be shut down because of the pandemic, MF was lucky to have her degree in fashion to fall back on.


​Music will be a vital part of the MASKED identity, as it is an essential part of MF's life before, during and after this pandemic.

Each mask is hand made by MF in her atelier in Ghent, Belgium.

Special thanks to MAGALI BONNE, one of my dearest friends who has given me her sewing machine to use for this project. Without her, none of this would be possible. 





122 Nederkouter/bus 005

9000 Gent


VAT: BE0670.990.768


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