Can I put the face masks in the washing machine?

Yes! As the material is not real leather, but cotton and poly utherane, the masks can go in the machine. Wash regularly at 40°C or 60°C.

Can the masks be cooked in order to kill bacteria?

Yes! Cook for +- 3 minutes to kill bacteria. Hint: use a chopstick as hanger for the elastic.

Is there the option for customisation?

Yes, we are a big fan of collaborations! Send us an email with your request and we will contact you as soon as possible.

I live outside of Europe, can I also order a mask?

Sadly not yet... As long as most of the world is in lockdown, inter-continental mail traffic is severely limited and we cannot guarantee packages will arrive on time, or at all.

What is the MASKED return policy?

Before choosing your face mask, it is essential to think twice about the colour, as they can not be exchanged in any case. However, in case your face mask should be too big/small, we offer you the option to send it back to us, so we can adjust the elastic for you. This is done at our costs.

Are there filters in the face masks?

Our masks do not have in-built filters, as they are reserved for medical staff



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